5 Tips for Flying with a Laptop or Tablet

electronic devices on a planeWe live in the electronic age.  Most of us can’t imagine going anywhere without our personal electronics, even on vacation.  We’re tied to these little devises for business and/or pleasure, email, twitter, Facebook, you name it.  How else are we supposed to stay connected 24/7?    But we also live in an age of increased security at airports and in the air.  So follow the following tips will improve your computer’s safety while flying:

  1. Use a separate bid for your laptop when going though airport security.  TSA requires this of all passengers, but it will also keep your laptop from being damaged by other items
  2. Keep that battery topped off.  It may be a while before you’ll have the ability to charge your computer, so plug in whenever possible.  If you have the ability to carry a spare battery you might consider doing so.  Also, new TSA guidelines may require you to power up your devise as you’re going through security to show it’s safe.
  3. Keep them close.  Computers and personal electronics are some of the most common stolen items.  Not only is the devise valuable, but also all your personal information stored inside.  Keep ID thieves at bay by storing your computer or tablet in a protective case like a brief case when not in use.  If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.
  4. Ask about on-board use. Each airline has different rules about using your device in-flight. Make sure to ask a flight attendant before taking out your laptop and hitting that power button.
  5. Your laptop is not your carry-on.  Even if your laptop is in a laptop bag or briefcase, according to the TSA it does not count as your carry-on item.

Do you any additional tips for flying with personal electronics?  Be sure to share them with us.

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  1. Tim July 23, 2014 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    One more tip…be careful with laptops & reclining seats. Larger laptops can easily be damaged by someone reclining their seat back upon you too quickly. It’s one more reason to think about using a tablet during travel.

    Regarding power – I’ve noticed more airlines actually including either a USB slot or normal power outlet in the seat. Obviously, keeping your equipment charged is wise, but it seems that the industry is beginning to adapt a bit.

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